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2005-02-01 22:56:08 (UTC)

Once in a Century

I've enjoyed this day fairly well. I think that it's gone
smoother than any other day perhaps in my life. Well, maybe
that's too much of an exaggerative word, but what I mean to
say is that I've haven't experienced a day like this in a
long while. At least at school. No, it was not due to the
fact that today was a short school day. Of course, it's
pleasant to be out of there. I guess I feel warmer and
comfortable with people.

My studying paid off and I feel so proud of myself. I only
hope that I can keep this up. I must, and I will. Though a
break will be nice. Finals end on Friday, and so I must be

The day is beautiful. The sun is shining and the colors
that make up the streets, the people, the plants, and
animals are so rich and beautiful. This only adds to my
appreciation for this day. I feel like I want to go
swimming; the pool appeared so welcoming, glittering under
the sun.

I am completely thankful for this day.

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