Spreading My Wings
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2005-02-01 22:49:30 (UTC)

Where's my Moose?

Not much again today...

I woke up at 530 AM - I couldn't go back to sleep. My
alarm came on at 745. Wow! What a fantastic way to start
the day!

It snowed this morning though! I was so happy as my face
lit up to the glow of the white snow. Although, I got very
irritated after a while since the roads began to slush.
Then it got muddy. And damnit! It never fails! My car got
dirty once more! O well.. Ill just leave it as it is. Im
sure it'll be fine.

Let's see.. what else? Today is another full day at school
again. I have accounting in a bit and then Statistics
afterwards. I swear to god. Statistics is driving me
nuts! It's so freakin time consuming! I don't have any time
to do any of my other homework. It bugs. BLAH!

Ohhhh.. today... I indulged in Invader Zim! It was awesome!

But enuf of my boring life - Until next time kids!

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