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2005-02-01 22:46:11 (UTC)

Reporting all Suckers off to War

Not a good day at all.

For those of you who got suckered in the first place for
voting for Bush because he said he would never form a draft,
well think again. With the on-going war in Iraq and
conspiracies to attack numberous other countries, including
Iran and North Korea, and not to mention all of our limited
- and God bless them all - troops, an imminent draft in the
near future dawns on us. With recruiting and volunteering
at an all time low, probably because no one wants to die for
Bush's appathetic reasons, a draft must be sufficed to
satisfy Bush's unnecessary money and oil driven wars. Men,
and yes women, ages 18-34, pack your bags for Canada.

Please check out the Rolling Stone article "The Return of
the Draft" By Tim Dickenson here:

Please, inform yourself and inform others.