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Obsurd & Undiscussed Relations 2
2005-02-01 20:27:21 (UTC)

Better day

Today's going okay for now...I don't wanna jinx it though.
Lil Kohtala is going over there today and stuff so I think
we won't be fighting much. Got 100 on my adv. alg.
quiz...that made me really happy. Ryan and I are
eachother's hoes, hehe. Justin was back in school today. I
told him I was going to print off a pic of some naked chick
and then put my face on it but that I had forgotten. He
said, "that woulda been hot" or something along those
lines. He's funny. I love that kid. Kevin's on my side w/
the whole music thing (the fact that most of Sam's music
sucks. I go for a lot of it now just not some stupid bands
who all they do is scream)...that made me happy. He found
out that I think his brother is gorgeous Me
and my big mouth. Oh well though. I think Imma start
getting my research paper together tonight. Maybe not, I
have a whole shit-load of homework. I talked to Amber about
the whole situation btw. me and Sam and she gave me some
ideas. It doesn't seem as bad today though. Oh, last night,
I guess his mom was talking to mine and then to him and it
seems like she's trying to get us to break up. She said we
have to figure out what we're going to do (on her pace not
our own) and that she's sick of it. She makes me kinda
angry sometimes. It's completly none of her business.
Amanda gave me some good advice yesterday too...She said,
we're too young to have to be dealing with heartache and
fighting with eachother and stuff. This is like our prime
of our lives and we should be having fun, not fighting.
Today went decent though (so far) so I'm not sure what I'm
going to do. I had to look up elephants mating for my
computer class and everyone saw the pics and I told them
that I get off to animals having sex. Stupid freshmen. Lol.
Better be going...I'm in the mood to play my guitar. See
ya's! =}

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