The crazy world of me
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2005-02-01 19:23:32 (UTC)


Hey kids!! Ao some of you know a little more than what is
wrote in this journal and you all know who you are. So I
wanted to tell the select few who know that with this new
information that I have it doesn't look like I will ever
tell my big secret to anyone besides you guys. Its going
to be hard to live with that one. Anyway though NI- So I
found out that Ricky has a new girlfriend. I know I said I
am over him and I really am. like I reall have no desire
to want to get back with him what so ever but I guess it
still hurts. I still do love him and all. not enough to
want to be with him but I will always love him.
Sometimes I think to myself I hope he is miserable but I
really don't. I do want him to be happy but I want to be
too and with some of my recent events I think it will be a
while before I reach the state of happiness again. I
always get kicked in the face. Well I am going to get
ready for work. Only 1 more day until no more work for 4
days and I go into a drunken rage. I am sure something
will happen one of those days and I will write about it
either way at least one of you will hear about it. peace

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