2005-02-01 18:32:14 (UTC)

bad night

ive had a hell of a night got into it with henry all cuzz i
wanted him to get off the fucking pc and spend time with me
he finnally gets off n says oh honey i gotta get sleep for
work n i got into it with him finally about 5 o clock this
morning i had enough told him i couldnt take nomore and i
was leaving today he then in turn spits in my face then
says he sorry he didnt mean to do it was a accident claims
he had something in his mouth and didnt mean to get it
anywhere near me or my face i told him plain and simply i
put up with alot of his shit but i will not tolerate being
spit on i think im finnally getting through to him if he
dont change there will be NO wedding and i mean it i took
my sleeping pill and slept maybe a hr and half if that been
up since like 6:30 am i think hes finally understanding why
i am the way i am i can tolerate alot of shit but there are
things i will not tolerate PERIOD i just dunno what to do
cant call noone as usual his fucking mother has MY phone
and im not gonna get in arguement with her over it so said
fuck it ill deal with it in my own time. hopefully he will
change he swears he will but ive heard it before guess we
will see now that i told him to straighten up or there will