My lil life!
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2005-02-01 17:16:08 (UTC)

Feb01 Feb01 so wat? iraq

Dear Dairy,

yeah i woke up late agen so shoot me! My whole body ached
cause yesterday was my first work out in like a year and
also what happen last night with da weird babe.. i
definitely needed a good rest! Beside when i woke up i was
able to complete my reports and be in school on time so id
say everytin was ok.

Lately iv sooo been addicted to the news, i more or less
just as interested in it like most guys are inot porn.
Throughout last week and into the weekend, the Iraqis where
having thier election and it was something i had to watch.
im so into news about US policies and how it affects the
world cause i am clearly anti-US in almost all aspects. they
really should change.

And i was just thinking too.. so far, i haven’t seen anyone
around who is as into International news as i am.. guess im
just weird. But i definitely should find someone out there
who’s into this stuff cause everyone else are so damm
ignorant about whats going on in tha whole, they juz not as
enthusiastic as i am.

Went to the Gym and shit it hurts.. fuck i weight less than

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