You think you know, but you have no idea
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2005-02-01 16:55:08 (UTC)

pre to post honda

much to say, much to say...

okie-doke, i got back into the marching band after talking
to the director, the department chairwoman, and a
counsler. before then, i was staring out my window
watching practice. at the "dress rehearsal" in the
georgia dome beofre the honda battle of the bands, my
chest started a heart attack. i went to
the doctor, i pulled a muscle or something. they gave me
ibprophen (or something). speaking of the doctor, in the
doctor's office, this couple walks in. the girl looks
like shes in a rush. the guy looks like he's being
rushed. loudly, she asks the receptionist, "do yall got
any condoms?!" the reception says that she'll need to
fill out a form before the girl can receive them. the
girl says okay and fills out the form. meanwhile, the boy
looks scared, embarassed, nevous, petrified, mortified,
etc. keep in mind, they were searching for condoms in the
early afternoon. it surprised me. could they have been
horny at some other time?

there was a honda battle of the bands participant dinner.
it was almost crunk. almost. we had to dress up for it.
i looked cute. :) yeah, anyway, the battle itself had to
be postponed because of inclimate weather. damn
southerners. monica and i played in the ice. (we were
going to help jacques move on-campus, but the buses were
cancelled.) monica pulled me down twice. some of my band
friends came over after that.

the honda itself was aight. no where near as fun as last
year. famu REALLY improved since last year. ooh they
looked a mess. i saw my boy terrell from tuskegee
(boo!). they stole one of our songs, but we played it
better, so......

after the battle, we were all tired, and tired of looking
at each other, so we were all fairly hostile. we had
dinner and left. monday, i was COMPLETELY UNPRODUCTIVE.
nothing happened.