2005-02-01 16:09:32 (UTC)

my shield!

the only problem with having this shield is that there is
a risk that someone will come along and find the weak
spot. someone found it. the same person that had it
before. maybe i'm a fool but at least for now i'm a happy
one! :D i haven't got any complaints so far so here's
fingers crossed. at least the elemental me is still in
existance! i'm tired i got woken up by wench this morning
ringing the new very loud house phone that plays twinkle
twinkle little star. once i'm up i can't go back to sleep.
i've put my clothes on over my pj's and taken a trip to
somerfield via the postbox. three job applications are now
posted and i got an application form from somerfield. i'll
do anything man i'm desperate! have to get a job by the
end of the month. i do not wanna have to move back home.
i'd never see the wench for one thing! mneh! i like my
wench! plus i'd go stir crazy back home....stuck in the
middle of nowhere with crap public transport even less
chance of finding a job.....badness!

I've recently got back in contact with one of my oldest
friends. we're e-mailing each other nearly every day it's
good to catch up. it would be a lot easier if we both had
msn but we don't dammit! never mind. i hope i get to see
her sometime soon i haven't seen this girl in two years! i
miss my old friends. thing is she's the same person she
always was. she's never really changed which is good cos i
always know where i am with mel. i love her to bits!
anyway moscow for now. have to phone around for jobs. may
be back later.