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2005-02-01 15:03:35 (UTC)

~ What ~

what is going on? Why dont you talk to me? why is it you
only talk to me if I want to die?? If you can't talk to me
any other time, then don't talk to me when I want to pull
that trigger.. you just dont worry about when, how, or where
I do it! it doesn't involove you, you are nothing to me. Why
dont you just leave me be like you do when I am not doing
anything.. Pretend that I dont have a gun... pretend that I
dont have a knife... just pretend that you dont know me..
you are good at that one............... I guess I have too
many questions, but no one to answer them... but thats ok..
I am use to that.. .my mom dont even answer me when I ask
her a question.. but then she is just a whore.. I hate her
so bad... I asked her if I could go to Milwaukee this
weekend.. with Jenny and her parents...... to make sure that
we dont have anything planned at her house.. and now that I
dont live there she wants to talk to her fucking parents..
what for?? to make sure that I aint out fucking.. what would
it matter to her...??? HUH?? I hate her so bad.. I sometimes
wish she was the one that would pull the damn trigger.. damn
I hate her..... I hate her so much, that i would even pull
the trigger on her... well I gotta bounce....

tell me what you think about my shit you been readin'.. I
would like to know!

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