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2005-02-01 14:09:37 (UTC)

Neo.....you are the one.....

One thing that is common in many people's lives is the
question of whether they'd find the one. The one person
that was put on the earth for them. The one person that
connects with them in every possible way, able to express
feelings and thoughts openly without hiding anything.

Is there really that one, that one saviour from everyday
life, that one person that we are "destined" to be with?
Well, yes and no.

Yes meaning that there is a person that probably matches
you perfectly, someone that you can call a soul mate. The
only problem is, with the, what?, 3 trillion people in the
world, how would you find that person? I guess this gives
speed dating a new meaning...

And no meaning that there isn't a person perfect for you,
and you will never find anyone that is perfect for you.
That is called, uniqueness. Every one is unique,
different, not the same. Therefore, if we are all
different, how will we find someone that is perfect for us?

Well, that all depends on your definition of perfect for
you. How can someone be perfect for you? How will you
know? For all you know, that person could be right infront
of you, and you wouldn't even know it, or would you...but
you keep telling yourself that there may be someone else,
and so you turn away. How will you know if you never try?

To me, someone that could be that person is someone that
has a strong and caring heart. Someone you are able to
talk to, and someone you are able to be comfortable with.
Dreams and thoughts could be shared, and sometimes even
secrets. This is where trust comes in, I wouldn't tell
someone something in my life if I didn't trust them. Also,
someone that makes me laugh, makes me smile, makes me
forget about all the problems in the world for those few
seconds, or minutes, or hours. Someone that indirectly
encourages me to do something, or something more, to want
to make myself a better person for them. Someone that is
mature, able to understand their feelings and act on them,
maybe even question them, but not disregard them and push
them away. Of course, physical attraction is there as
well, but physical attraction lasts for a few seconds, the
same length as a glance. Its what is on the inside that
attracts me more, the physical attributes of that person is
just the surface...and inviting, and tempting, surface.

Of course, similarities between the two people help, such
as a similar taste for movies, habits, hobbies, or even
music...even ideas and thoughts. After all, if a person
has a strong, imaginative mind, imagine how strong their
heart is?

SO, if you haven't already realized it, there is a
choice/decision to make. You find people in everyday life
that you "connect" with, some easier than others, but all
it takes is that little step towards a certain direction to
begin an in-depth experience with that person. I mean, if
you two are great as friends, what about something
more...even a little more, even a lot more? The choice is
always there, no matter where or what. But it won't be
there for long, it does have an expiration date. When is
that date? Can't say, but you'll know....when you are 6
feet under.

Life is an experience, and what you want to experience is a
choice you must make. Will you or won't you? Will you even
consider it, or won't you?

Will you take the red pill and experience what the true
world is, or the blue pill, and continue living in a
fantasy world.

(I sure hope whoever reads this has seen The Matrix)

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