Queen of Hearts

Diary of a Confused Being
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2005-02-01 12:22:32 (UTC)

Maybe it was all just a dream........

After last week I was sure that he liked me but I am
starting to wonder. I sent him a message about work related
issues and he still hasnt replied. I should be so happy
because I know talking and flirting with him is terribly
wrong. I am a married women. But I just cant help it. Maybe
it was all a dream the way we flirt or maybe he relizes to
that we have taken it almost to a level where there is no
turning back. Its just you and him naked in a closet
somewhere having hot sex. My marriage is more than sex so I
am willing to risk my marriage for a meaning less fling???
I am so confused. Last night I had the hottest sexiest
dream about the man. It involved going to his house on him
and his wifes bed of corse she was down stairs with his
kids making dinner watching the news, a pair of thongs and
well you paint the picture. So I woke up so horney that I
woke my husband up to have hot sweaty sex and when we were
done he said I have the best wife ever , and I love you so
much. He snuggled up close to me then started some
ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. I just dont know what to do. I think it all
has to do with the fact that I like thinking I am doing
somthing wrong. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh neways I am going to
work. Untill next time.............

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