cannon bombshell

troubled life of mine
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2005-02-01 04:19:42 (UTC)

shit happens!!!!!!

today i got the first zit in my life. who would have ever
thought i would get it at twenty three. I got cream and i
am hoping that it goes away soon i cant stand it at all.
my youngest said his first word today and lucky me it was
momma my husband was so upset about that but oh well shit
happens right? i helped my sister in law move some stuff
into there new house and watched kids all day. i did not
really speak to my husband today which is probably for the
best he and i have been fighting a lot lately so we kinda
avoid each other and that too is not good for a
relationship but i am kinda stuck here for a little bit
longer and that is just part of life i am enrolling in
school tomarrow and i am so excited about that. one more
rung up in the medical field for me. eventually i want to
be a doctor but since i am poor as hell i gotta take it
one diploma at a time and someday maybe i will complete my
goal. well i guess that is about it today. not much really
happened. i am waiting to get an email from c.c. i think i
might be getting my hopes up and it probably wont ever