Tales of a Sissy Pig
2005-02-01 04:09:02 (UTC)

Patiently waiting

I havent been able to get to my diary. Lady Sybil gave me
a new assignment. She picked out a maid outfit online and
old me to order it. She told me that I was going to have
to buy shoes and stockings to Match. She didnt let me
order them and told me to buy cheap shoes in Walmart. I
was really worried about doing this I mean what if someone
saw me that I knew. I went out the other day and finished
my shopping I picked a pair of pumps with a low heel I was
so embarrassed. Here I was in the size 13 womans shoe
dept picking high heels. They were on the for sale rack
for $9.99, size 12. They didnt come with a box so I had
to carry them through the store in one hand with a pair of
stockings in the other. Mistress told me specifically
that I was too buy only the stockings and the shoes. I had
to wait in a long line trying to hide them best I could. I
got a lot of stares but thankfully I did not see anyone I
knew and left the store. I am now waiting for my maid
dress to arrive in the mail.