Leah's Thoughts
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2005-02-01 04:01:22 (UTC)

What I want

Someone to hear my dreams...someone to not say bad things
about the things I say....someone who will let me talk when
I have a bad day....someone to let me laugh at a good one.
Someone who can help me be a better person, someone who
will let me help him. Someone who wont tell me what they
think I should do...but listen to my suggestions and smile
and nod. Someone who is not freaked by my over bearing
romantic nature....someone who wants to cuddle me just
because. Someone who wants to be seen in public with me.
Someone who doesnt say how pretty I am over the internet
but in person cant say anything. Someone who can take it
when I tell him how handsome he is. Someone who can love it
that I am a single mother and a full time
encoutage me when I need it not to say I am not spending
enough time with him. But to be happy with the time I can
give him. Someone who is not scared of me...meaning that he
is not scared of me be happy.
Someone who can learn to love my son and help me mold him
into a great warrior...or a peaceful prince...SOmeone who
can hear me cry...and wipe my tears...someone who can laugh
with me...Someone who can help me grow spiritualy not
really having to believe what I do but to understand why I
do it. Someone who wont go when the going gets tough but
someone who will work things out. Someone who can try and
see the positive in everything.....not just the negative.
Someone who can do things for themself and not expect me to
do it for them. Someone who is my age in maturity no matter
how old you are it matters how old you act. Someone who can
listen to me get spring fever..LMAO...and get it with me...
This is not to much to ask....if you dont think so then

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