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2005-02-01 02:46:07 (UTC)

Late night thoughts

I was once told that too much of something can be deadly,
but if taken with moderation, eventually you will be able
to have it all at one time. It's kinda like having your
cake and eating it too. It is possible, but not right
away, things take time to develop and work out. Time
management, there are courses offered on that, but any one
can do it if you stop and think of the important things
that need to be done. Wondering what struck these
thoughts in my mind??? Not too long ago I got off of the
phone with my best friend, Crystian. We talked about
the "old times" as though we are old I said. Special
moments shared together, secrets confined in each other
and all that other good stuff a best friend is for. I
tell her things that I intrust in her and keeping it
confined is what she does. Like wise with her telling me
something. I told her about my present life, what has
been going on in the last couple of weeks and days. She
mentioned her happiness for me. That is a big factor in
our friendship. Always telling each other how proud or
happy we are with our decisions made. Everyone should
have somebody to tell our deepest thoughts too and share
meaningful conversations with. I am so lucky to have
Crystian as a friend. Probably thinking of my deepest
thougths and secrets, aren't you? Well I do have some
that you can't know and others that I don't mind sharing
to some extent. Nothing bad, but just good times,
memories and experiences with life in general. "Streets
of Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen is the song I listen
to at the moment. The song has meaning, truth and yet
suspiciousness to it. Kind of like telling a secret to a
person. They always have meaning and truth but at the
same time there is that link to suspicion. If you haven't
noticed I seem to ponder off on random thoughts and
analyze my thoughts by comparing them to a land mark, song
or anything that seems to fit...Well I am going to relax
the rest of the evening and ponder in bed over some more
things, I do my best thinking in my car or bed.

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