Autum's Leaves
2005-02-01 02:07:06 (UTC)

Long Day

So, as I have previously stated, for what seems like
millions of times, today was disaterous. Why I had some
sort of personal videtta to do everything today was beyond
me ( I make reference to the journal thing, the drug
busting thing, the Ex why are you such a fucking
asshole? thing). Things started out well, two-hour delay,
curly cute hair, and I even got to have breakfast at
McDonalds. What could be better right? Well, Ex (the
marvelous first ex) pissed me off from the start. After
standing me up, for the second Sunday in a row, he gets
pissed at me for saying anything. So here's the real
question, why the fuck do I even talk to this guy? It's
like some sort of nightmare that I can't wake up from. He's
always there and I always talk to him. And for further
information, I'm not a masichist.I'm an 18 yr old chick
whose tired of all the drugs, and partying and not having
any money.

Oh, and to make matters even more fabulous, I got a
letter from ASU saying that the two theatre scholarships
for next semester had been handed out already, but that
mine was in holding if any other scholarship oppurtunity
arises. They hope to give me better news next Spring. They
can kiss my ass next Spring

Regardless, I had a good ol' time crying my eyes out
about four or five times today. It's a listless, tidious
occupation, living. Sometimes I wonder how people really
enjoy it that much, but then I have to remember, nine days
out of ten are not this bad.

Unfortunatly, I have no tales of lovers at the moment
(said with an utter longing for the olden days) and after
complete heartbreak I don't know if that's gonna happen
again for awhile. Not until college at least...or maybe
the senior trip to the Bahamas with the hoochie mama this

School is school. Taking a release instead of dealing
with the ex and his pot-head-ess' in tech class. It was a
great idea. My codirector and I are casting our play
tomorrow, and I'm going to fight for one of the kids with
every claw I have.

Going to the Doctor tomorrow. Those checkups are a pain
in the ass...for me literally. But that's a funny story,
that I hopefully get to stop tomorrow (it's birth control
so don't get freaked out or anything)(jeez) and maybe
switch to the pill instead of getting a shot in my ass.

Anywho, going to try to find Germinol and get to reading
some more of that (my "new reason for living" as the
republican smartass so aptly puts it) and since my lovely
Doctor's appointment is going to be during English
tomorrow, no homework for me.

Sorry for the non-brevity, caught me at a bad time for

So I'm going to go pee.

Have a fabulous rest of the night to everyone and hope
that tomorrow wasn't as shitty as today.