i have no life
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2005-02-01 01:10:18 (UTC)

you know what i hate

i hate ppl that lie all the time..ppl who make up
stories , and spread rumores just because they think ppl
will like them better. and then when those ppl get cought
in the middle of a lie..they get all mad and say that none
of it ever happend like they think we are flash to all those ppl like that..we
aren't stupid..and we would like you a hell of a lot better
if you didn't lie and make up stories. its really not cool
when you make up stories about your friends, and its not
cool when you lie about lying to your friends.we are your
friends and we will like you weather or not you have a
boring life,or what ever it is that you are lying about..if
we are your friends,then we shouldn't make you feel like
you have to lie to us.nothing good comes from lying to your
friends,its what starts up drama,and makes
it so we can't trust are we to know when you aren't
lying to us? how are we to know if you are really going to
keep a secret?so the moral of this entry is LYING=bad! and
those of you who are lying to your friends,and denying
it,and then lying , and then denying it,get a life, and
stop lying,because its gay..and it makes people want to
punch your face in.

the end

love always

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