humming bird

my F***ed up head
2005-02-01 00:42:50 (UTC)

men are stupid

so yeah i definitely forgot one like major thing. JP got
shot in the foot. yeah everyone who ever heard of thew kid
from western who got shot in the foot by that 87 year old
man, yeah thats my boyfriend. anyway JP got mad at me
yesterday becuz i didnt cal him all day and like here is
the thing there is like thirty diff things that i am
thinking about that.
1. yeah i feel bad becuz he has done it to me and i
didntlike it so that doesnt make it ok for me to do it to
2 im glad that it pissed him off becuz now he knows how it
3 i kind of did it on purpose to see how he would react
4 the one day tho that i had talked to him he had been
like " well do i have to talk to you every day?" umm ok if
you dont think that you have to then why should i?
5 he did do it to me just becuz he was with dani. so why
should i feel so bad ?