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2005-02-01 00:26:29 (UTC)

Conversation with a good friend; my West Philly Bitch

Zach: "Come together all over the world, from the hood of
Japan, harajuku gurls...What? It's all luv, what? Give it
up, what?....What happend to my life turned upside down,
chicks that blew your mind, ding, it's the 2nd
round...Original track and ring....mmmm, you know you
can't buy these things, See Stefani and the L.A.M.B., I
rock the Fetish, People you know who I am!!!"

Bernice: OMG,remember Chrome, 4th of July, we tore that
up!!! Shaking all over the place, lol

Zach: Damn Bernice, what you shakin’?
It must be jelly cuz jam don’t shake like that!!!
We step in the room together everyone realize I’m the bwoy
who got a fat back
I shake it up, You tear it up, and the rest just shut up
Your jelly is like welches, strawberry jam
And they all know I’m 100% beef, not spam
They know who we are, We came this far
Florida clap your hands up, Philly where you at?
Bernice and I got y’all back
Keep them M’s stacked
We do it backwards
Contrary to what you heard
Crystian gives them the remedy
Like a shot of hypnotic and Hennessey
It’s the more paper, she be that dough chaser
Laugh it up now, but cry later

Bernice: You are the craziest and most fun white bwoy I

Zach: Why do you say that?

Bernice: b/c you can be so ghetto at times but so southern
and proper like a gentleman

Zach: Guess it depends on my situation at the moment

-we had a good ass time that weekend, wish y'all were

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