K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-01-31 22:36:55 (UTC)

Much needed help.....WHOA

Literally within minutes of writing about my mom and her
not sending
me money, starving,etc.....MY PHONE RINGS AND IT'S HER!
This is how our phone conversation went...

"How is everything?"
"fine", i reply.
"Do you have all your bills paid up?"
"yeah, or as much as i can afford now."Then I add,
"I still haven't gotten my hair done"
"oh, Kadriya, you haven't had it done since before X-mas
have you?"
"no," i said.
"would it help if I sent you $100?"
"yeah that would help a lot, mom." I can't sound too
excited but I have to sound grateful, and I was more than
she will ever know.So now I'm here waiting on Larry to
come and pick me up,so I can pay my cell phone bill, and
get my hair done.It's funny how in a matter of hours my
day went from boringly ho-hum to fuckin GREAT! My
Grandmother always said that God looks out for fools and
babies. Which category do you think I fall under? soon it
will only be the first one for me. But not only did she
deposit the money she gave me an extra $40!So i can handle
my business and send my application fee to Columbia! At
least something came from an otherwise unproductive day.