beautifuly broken
2005-01-31 22:02:58 (UTC)

My deepest sweetest sin

what is it that drives me crazy about him?
hes like my sweetest sin.
I love him but i messed up.
Nothing will bring him back, not even luck.
I have someone, but its not the same.
And im the one to blame.
I think to myself 'hes put me through so much pain'
but its really me who made me go insaine.
I'm the one who did this to myself.
Not even knowing but wallowing in my deepest sin.
i cry out to him.
he wont take me back.
I wouldnt either if i were that boy.
i treated him like a toy.
but thats not what he is to me.
There is more than the eye can see.
i wish there was some way to make him be mine.
But somehow i dont think now is the right time.
i messed up and hes not coming back.
now is way to late to act.
he thinks im a hoe in a way
but with everything everyones saying theres noting i can say
i wish i can just make myself dissapear
then i wouldnt have to worry about all this loss and dispair
he used to be all mine and i just want to say
i love him so much and i wish he would stay