Lost in Translation

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2005-01-31 20:23:32 (UTC)

Frustrated as hell!!!!

Is it possible for someone to be nice to me on consecutive
days? Is it possible to hangout with friends that don't pass
judgement on me every five minutes? Is there anyone in the
world that doesn’t have an alternative agenda with every
plan they make? I’ve always been one to exercise good faith
and courtesy to each and every one of my friends, only for
it to be shot back in my face for good measure. And the
person I am, I do not yell or chastise anyone for their
mishandlings of me or my feelings. I usually just hope they
find a clue to what they are doing and learn to make the
necessary adjustments themselves. As of right now, I am so
ready to ditch all of my friends and move to France to start
all over.

1. No, I do not not want to go to lunch with you today.
2. No, I do not want to see a movie with you this weekend.
3. No, I don't care that I have gray hair.

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