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2005-01-31 20:21:50 (UTC)

Story time Part 2 (read Part 1 first)

ok, so I left of where I opened the break room door and
its pitch black. The next thought I had was that oh my God
maybe they all left me and forgot about me, what am I
going to do? But that was only a fleeting moment of panic,
and then I decided that maybe everyone was just waiting
for me up front by the doors, so I go on in and turn the
light on, get my stuff from my locker, turn the light back
off, and go clock out. As I'm heading to the front, I
finally hear Philip come on the intercom and say ok anna
you can get your stuff and come up front. And I thought
that was weird, because that's not something he would
normally say. The manager always makes an anouncement when
he's ready to leave, but Philip didn't make one Saturday
night because he thought everyone was together. So I get
up to the front and see some odd things... for one, Philip
is on the phone. Which is just odd because we were closed
and there was no reason for him to be on the phone with
anyone. Also, the automatic doors are open (you have to be
able to push them open because its an emergency exit)
halfway and not on their little sliding track, but
swinging open instead. And the other thing I noticed was
that no one else was up there, except for Beth, the lead
cashier, who was coming back through the doors, but
everyone else was either out at their car or already gone.
So I still wasn't even sure what was up, and I was kind of
waiting for Philip to get off the phone to ask him, when
Beth came over to me and was like oh poor anna we are so
sorry we forgot you etc etc. And my jaw literally dropped,
I think. Because despite my earlier thought that everyone
had left me, I didn't really think that they could have
done that. So when Beth told me that I just kind of put my
jacket over my head in shame and walked out the door to
the parking lot. I'm halfway to my car when this other
girl Laura pulls up next to me on her way out of the
parking lot, and she is the one who tells me some of what
happened, and the rest Philip told me himself later. Laura
told me that They had all gone out to their cars to scrape
the ice off, and suddenly Philip realized there was no one
scraping off anna's car, and wondered why that was... And
then apparently he had like a lightbulb moment, and he was
like she's still in the store. And then this is my
favorite part, because I like to think that it epitomizes
the good friendly relationship that I have with Philip,
although in reality he would have done the same for
anyone, since all of the employees are his resoponsibility
while on the LNT property. So Laura tells me that when he
had this lightbulb moment, he mutters a curse (mind you, I
have never heard him curse) and whirls around and takes
off at a sprint back toward the building. Then he crashes
through the doors (since they were off they didn't slide
open), setting off the silent alarm in the process, and
runs over to the phone to call me up to the front. (That's
where I came in earlier.) So then I swear to Laura that
I'm going to either kill Philip or never speak to him
again, and she laughs and drives off. I continue walking
to my car, and Philip is behind me somewhere calling my
name, but I just turn around and glare at him and then
keep walking to my car. I didn't plan on talking to him,
however I didn't take into account that I was parked next
to him, so it was going to be inevitable. He catches up to
me and after I turn my car and the defroster on, he
attacks my windshield with his ice scraper with a
vengeance, to clean it off for me, trying to atone for his
sins, I guess. So while he's scraping he tells me why he
forgot me. He says that when he and Beth finished counting
drawers he left the office and went out to the computer,
where all the other 5 girls working Saturday night were
having "social hour." He told me that he was busy fussing
at them for not working, and complaining because they had
been socializing all night, that he didn't even realize
that I wasn't with them...his reason being that I was the
only one who hadn't "given him grief" all night. I still
don't think that explains why he forgot me, but that's
what he told me. He also told me about how he realized I
wasn't with them and ran back to the building and called
me up to the front, and then the reason he was on the
phone was because he had to call in to the alarm company
to let them know that the alarm wasn't going off because
of a break-in... nope, it was just me, the manager, going
back into the store to get the girl that I forgot, wasn't
that thoughtful of me? So we finish scraping off our cars
and Philip tells me that I can remind him of this incident
whenever he starts to tease me, and Beth agrees that I can
hold this over him for at least a year. Beth leaves, and
then Philip and I leave. I still hadn't forgiven him, even
though he cleaned my car. So then we end up both sitting
at the light to turn left on courthouse from midlothian at
the same time, and he's in the lane next to me so he rolls
down his window and apologizes again, and I just told him
not to do it again. I still didn't tell him he was
forgiven, and I haven't told him as of yet, even though I
do forgive him, but I think he deserves to worry for a
week or two about whether I will ever forgive him.

SO that's my story... and I even had a nightmare that
night about being locked in the store. Sheesh. Although
looking back on it, it is pretty amusing.