Saras Diary
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2005-01-31 17:24:52 (UTC)


So I'm goin out with thig guy named Kyle...Kyle Derek
Stone (the best name ever huh?) and the other day Emgan
asked me why i was goin out with him. Well that got me
thinkin, why was i goin out with him? What made me like
him? what do i see in him that i dont see in other guys?
So; heres a list..

1) At school, with my different groups offriends i feel
like i can only be part of who i am...With him i feel like
i can be all of me..not just part.
2) hes SMOKIN hot!!!! :*)
3) Hes a skater which means to me that he has wicked style
and wicked hair
4) He has the best sense of humor
5) Hes just not like every other guy out there.
6) This could be the most important reason why im goin out
with him: He loves me too!
7) He treats me like, like, like, the absolute best.
8) He makes me happy everytime i see him.
9)I can physically feel the emotions i feel for him. My
heart pounds when i talk to him, my plams sweat when i
think about him, i am totally content with him.
10)He is in honors and Algerbra; smart but not smarter
than thou.