friends foreva

loving life??
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2005-01-31 16:40:28 (UTC)

something to all

ok my questions to u all

becky- who do u love lots like jelly tots???

cris- are u ever gona ask nicki out?

nicki- wud u say yes if cris asked u out?

sera- do u like josh? (sry but i hav to ask)

jeni- what do u want 4 ur b'day?

alice- are u writin in this?

ok plz reply, ta

luv ya all, well sorta,

*the angel that fell*



the answer 2 my question is dtas 4 me 2 no n u 2 find out
lol sry n i think dat sayin is wel kool luv ya lots like
jelly tots :D hehe lol

*the lost soul*


*the quiet 1*


lol i think we all no the answer 2 my q!!:D