Darc Tangent

2005-01-31 15:25:49 (UTC)

Teachers Pet (1,103 wds.)

Alex sat in the center of class watching her prof as he
gave the lecture. Her eyes never left his. She waited
until he was looking her way then stretched back as if to
loosen her muscles. her white uniform blouse stretched
across her breasts and the black bra, completely against
school regulations, was visible through the blouse. If
she caught his attention, he did not show it, but a small
mistep in an otherwise perfect lecture showed she had the
desired effect.
He continued his speech, trying hard not to notice her.
He turned to the board to note some point of his speech
that he felt important and he could feel heat on the back
of his neck, almost as if someone were breathing right
behind him, but when he turned around his eyes were
fixated on her bright blue eyes burning into his. Soon
there was nothing in the room but her eyes, filling all
possible space, holding him in sway until the bell sounded
end of class.
The cacaphony of students exiting the class exploded in
his brain and when the din finally ebbed, the was him,
there was silence and there was Alex.
"Do you need something, Alex?" the profesor asked as she
walked over to his desk.
"As a matter of fact, I do." she said, leaning forward so
that he had a clear view of her cleavage. "I seemed to
have lost something, and I was wondering if you could help
"What is it that you are looking for?"
Alex lifted her uniform skirt, exposing her shaved
pussy, "Have you seen my panties?" she smiled at him.
The professor stood up quickly, moving to the door and
shutting it.
"I wish you wouldn't do things like that Alex. Anyone
could have been walking by. How would it have looked?"
"Are you always this nervous?" she asked.
"Just put you panties back on and you can head to your
next class."
"I told you, I lost them." she said as she bent over the
desk she had been sitting at, her full pink twat framed by
her smooth white ass as she lifted her hand in the air,
calling out, "I found them."
"Good, now you can make your next class."
"Well I have to put them on first, silly." she giggled.
Alex undid her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, then
stepped out of the bundle.
"I thought you were going to put your clothes on." the
professor noted.
"I am, but I always get my skirt stuck in my panties if I
try to just pull them up. Why, are you shy?"
"Please just finish up before someone enters."
"You are so cute. The door locks automatically when
closed, and this room is empty this period. Now, be a
dear and give me a hand, I would like to hold onto you as
I do this."
The professor moved closer and Alex held his arm as she
began to remove her shoes.
"Now what are you doing?" he whispered.
"I can't put my panties on over my shoes now can I?" and
he was aware of her grip on his arm. Alex slipped her
shoes off, then ran her leg along the inside of his
leg. "Hmm, it looks like I might be going in the wrong
direction here." she said, noticing how much his pants
began to bulge. Still holding onto his arm, she ran her
other hand along his other arm up to his neck and along
his cheek. She then began to run her hands down his arms
to his rapidly expanding groin. Alex slid the zipper of
his pants down and was inside before he could protest.
Firmly gripping him in her hand, she massaged his cock
through his boxers, and his sudden grip of her shoulders
demonstrated she had attained the desired results. His
fingers started to undo the buttons on her blouse as Alex
used her free hand to undo his belt and the button of his
pants. Alex stopped her massaging as the prof pulled her
blouse down her arms, pinning her momentarily. She freed
her arms from their bondage, and pulled the professors
pants down over his hips until they slid to the floor
themselves. The professor then moved in close, kissing
Alex hard on the mouth as he worked the clasp of her bra.
Alex managed to get her hand inside the boxers, to
continue stroking him. She slid both hands into his
boxers, ad deftly slid them off. Alex pressed her
midsection against his, feeling his hard, hot cock against
her wst clit, before he leaned forward his wanting mouth
encasing her breast, his tongue circling her hard nipple.
The professor moved forward, slowly, pushig Alex backward
u til herass touched desk. Soon, she was bent backward
over the desk, his hands straddled her head, his face full
in her sight, then his mouth over hers, his breath was her
breath, his tongue dancing around hers. Soon she could
feel his hands on her highs ulling her legs apart, his
fingers inside her, his hot breath filling her lungs.
Alex grasped his ass in her hands, her fingers digging
into his flesh as his flesh dug into the hot, wet space
between her legs.
Alex's ass was stuck to the desk with sweat as he trust
himself deep inside her. Alex felt him inside her. His
cock was huge, hard, hot, and she could sense he was
ready, but she was not. She held him tight to her, not
allowing him to move until she could feel him relax
slightly, then she eased her grip, allowing him to
continue. Soon she could feel him getting closer, when
she clamped her cunt on his shaft, holding him again in
place, feeling his huge cock inside her, feeling the power
ready to surge forth, and as he again began to relax she
released him.
Almost immediately he was rock hard, and as he began to
climax, she let him.
Like wildfire, the heat from his seed burned into her
mind, exploding into every one of her senses. Her body
tingled, her eyes saw nothing but blinding light and the
only sound she could hear was the pounding ocean in her
Alex's heart pounded in her chest as counterpoint to the
humming of her skin, but as the music of her passion
faded, she was aware of the weight of her professor on her
chest, and the rather uncomfortable position her back was
in. She pushed him up, waking him from the daze he was
in, the sweat slick and sticking his shirt to his chest as
he moved off his student.
His knees were still weak as he pulled his pants up, and
yet he could not help but watch Alex as she slipped back
into the black lace bra. He was mesmerized as she slowly
buttoned her blouse, and pulled the black panties up
before sliding into her skirt.
"Well, you certainly get an A from me, professor." Alex
said, and as she headed for the door, "Same tie tomorrow?
Maybe I can be on top next time."