2005-01-31 14:16:24 (UTC)


Haven't written in a few days....obviously you can tell it
was the weekend. Ya ya, I could have written something
from home, but my computer is acting up and has to be re-
formatted...and of course, I don't have the proper cd's.
No worries, I have a friend doing it for me. Funny, my
major was computers, I love working on computers, I can't
live without a computer, yet, I have no patience for a
computer. One error message I don't like and I feel like
sticking my pen into the A: drive. Take that bitch.

Anyways, my weekend. It was very...interesting.
Different. I accompanied a friend to my old store's x-mas
party (x-mas for 2004...i know, they are late) and got
together with a whole bunch of friends that I haven't seen
in a while. (Other than the club...but this time I was
able to talk to them and be heard :-P ) Very nice
atmosphere, the place we went to, and nice food too. Took
awhile to find it though...SOMEBODY kept getting us lost.

After the party, a bunch decided to go to a club (*insert
sarcastic whoopee here*) but I still wanted to go because
the person I was with wanted to, or at least, thought she
did. 100 meters from the club, she decides not too because
she was too tired, so instead we went to go get a coffee.
So I drove ALL THE WAY to Tim's, only to find out when I
parked the car that she was too tired to get a coffee. :-|
But we still talked. The whole way up...the whole way
back...and the whole way back again. About anything. It
was exilerating, and it was fun. I've never talked like
that before, I'm usually a quiet person, always in deep

I know she'll probably read this, and I don't know how
she'll respond, but I'm hoping she had fun. She seemed to
have. That was Saturday.

Sunday, slept in so no church....late breakfast (11am)
lunch (3:30) xbox and reading in between. Even took a
nap?? Sheesh, the life of a full time working graduate. I
need a new hobby (guitar maybe?? Be the next Jesse Cook?
Or Billy Idol --- who is THAT guy???) Oh, also went to my
bro's hockey game (Peewee level). Man, was that boring. It
was so much more fun when I was on the bench like the last,
what, 8-9 years. Maybe more. Yelling at the refs, calling
out plays. Now, a spectator...oh god...my ass was hurting
on those cold hard benches, sitting there for 45 minutes
(running time thank god). They lost, 6-4. Its ok, only
house league.

Feeling kinda blah after that. Got home from the game at
around 9, and went to my room. Called a few peeps, got
their voice mail. Good thing they have a cell phone to get
them at anytime..?? Then I got a text message. A simple
one. Basically saying yes. To what? Wed. night. Yanni
concert. (for those who don't know him, I pitty you) Well,
she did it again, she put a smile on my face when I needed
it. :-)

Had a dream about her last night though. NO, not sexual, or
anything like that. I won't say here what happened, but,
the feeling I got out of it was re-assurance, a sense that
everything would be ok.

As someone quoted before....New Year, New Life.
As simple as that. Funny, as I write this, a song i
playing off the internet. Bitter Sweet Symphony. Great

Oh ya. She likes to use the word catharsis a lot.
What the heck does that mean?????
Great, a nerdy brainiac I have to keep up with, or try to
anyways. Well, lets pull out the dictionary...I think that
will help...

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