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2005-01-31 11:07:45 (UTC)


From: LordDusky 5/30/2004 8:34 pm
To: All (186 of 222)

Here is something that may provide a little insight. It is
called 'A Master's Creed'. I would have titled it
something a little different, but hey, I did't write it.
If you take off the title, it reads like an old fashioned
letter of devotion. If you read it, please understand that
I do not like the word 'Master' or what it implies. You
may not agree with any of the contents of this piece, or
you may agree with everything it entails. Also understand
that I only suggest this one page by providing this link. I
doubt this would be triggering for anyone, but if you are
very sensitive please be advised.

I am not adding this link to open up debate, and I wish to
neither encourage nor discourage this perspective in your
own lives. The D/s aspect of my relationship with Paula can
sidetrack people and cause concern for her health and well
being. The contents of this link provide a good basis for
understanding my devotion to, caring for, and passion for
Paula, whom I love deeply.

I hope this helps to clarify the questions or concerns that
anyone may have. If not, please do not hesitate to ask,
either here or by email thru my profile. I'll happily
answer any questions.


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