Crazy Love
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2005-01-31 11:07:12 (UTC)


From: LordDusky 5/30/2004 7:41 pm
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Ach, you couldn't resist. Eh eh eh.

Lady is going to meet with a therapist this Thursday with
hopes of working on these anxiety issues. It took a bit of
convincing but she wants to be able to speak more easily,
so she is at least going to give it a try.

I think the most interesting parts of this entire thread
are the responses to the D/s aspect of our relationship.
It isn't a 'cause' or a 'symptom' and it is no less 'real'
than anyone else's sex life. I suppose it is impossible
for those reading along to peek inside our relationship and
see that the reality is nothing like the cliches or the D/s
stories that clog the internet. What Lady orchestrated 12
years ago to allow her maximum physical and minimum
emotional contact has become something deeply intimate this
time around.

As I've said before, Lady is starting to bloom before my
eyes. Creatively, emotionally, intellectually, physically,
and sexually also. My job as a Dominant personality, is to
care for her. Also my job, not because I'm a Dominant
personality but because I love her, is to provide a safe
place for her to grow and explore all of the areas in which
she is interested. At the moment,her main interests are
sex and container gardening, lol.

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