Crazy Love
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2005-01-31 11:06:27 (UTC)


From: TheLadyDusky 5/30/2004 5:44 am
To: Lord Dusky (183 of 222)

There are questions that fly around in my head, like
captive sparrows beating themselves upon the bars of their

Can I have you?
Can I have your heart and your love?

Can I have the warmth of your skin against mine?

Can you hold me in your warm embrace while gently kissing
my face?
Can you tenderly kiss my neck and throat and cheek?
Can you lick my ears and gently bite on my earlobes?

Can I forever have your hand to walk with and be guided by?
Can I forever have your love to strengthen me?

Can you touch me please? I feel so empty without you.

Can you talk to me, please? My thoughts eat me up inside.

Can you tell me what I need to do, tell me what it takes.
Can I do anything? I will do everything just to have you.
Can you please whisper your answer to me?
Can I have you?

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