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2005-01-31 10:59:31 (UTC)


From: TheLadyDusky 5/24/2004 6:23 pm
To: LordDusky (153 of 222)

Like this?

From below:

Self-punishment This is a common reason and suggests severe
abuse as a child. Whether it was from family, friends, or
people at school, the cutter has acquired a self-hating
mind-set and they see themselves as worthless, fat, ugly,
stupid, unloveable, and anything else they can conjure up.
99.99% of the time, these are all untrue assumptions.
Inablity to express emotions: "Expressing" pain or some
other emotions by deliberately injuring one's self; these
emotions are described as being too painful or too
confusing to put into words.
Inablity to cope: This usually results from a traumatic
childhood, involving some sort of abuse, neglect, or major
trauma, such as a death in the family.
Regaining self-control: This is another common reason
people cut. Again, the sense of betrayal comes back into
play. The cutter feels lost and abandoned. Many cutters
describe feeling like they are in a big black hole, or lost
in a maze of emotions. They may feel everyone is out to
hurt them. Cutting becomes a way of saying "Look. I am in
control now." They are, in short, turning mental and
emotional pain into physical and tangible pain. It is true
to say that it is much easier to care for a physical wound,
than an emotional one.
Relief of tension or to release anger: This reason is very
substantial when cutting is compared to another physical
coping mechanism-crying. Both commonly result from negative
feelings of hurt or anger; both involve the shedding of
bodily fluid; both are often described as uncontrollable;
and both leave the person feeling tired, relieved, and calm
afterwards. Coincidence? I don't think so.

I think I see where you are headed.