Crazy Love
2005-01-31 10:43:02 (UTC)


From: LordDusky 5/9/2004 4:17 am
To: TheLadyDusky (83 of 222)

Dressing Lady Dusky

From the low upholstered chair in the corner of your room I
watch as you apply lipstick and paint your lashes with an
artful hand. Seated on your lace draped stool before your
wall mirror, you arrange your hair using a few of the few
of the feminine accoutrements on your lace swathed dressing
table. I admire your delicacy as your silky red robe slides
over your arms, drapes over your shoulders and legs while
you apply sweet perfume to your ivory skin. You turn to me
having completed your routine.

I motion with my hand and you rise, floating across the
floor to stand before me. Lovely, just lovely. I slide my
hands over your hips and untie the belt on your robe,
letting it fall from your shoulders into a silky red pool
at your feet. My eyes drink in the gentle curves of your
slender buttery frame.

Now to dress you, Dear Lady. You walk to the tall dresser
and pull stockings and panties from the drawer, then to the
armoire to choose a corset from your collection. You
return, hand the thong to me and lay the corset and
stockings on the footstool. You step into the turquoise
satin thong as I slide the tiny scrap up your legs and
adjust the thin straps on your hips.

I wrap the rich brocade corset around you and you fasten
the tiny hooks in front. You hold the corset in place while
turning around so your back is to me. Raising your arms
above your head I begin to gently tighten the laces and it
begins to envelope your body. Soon the black and turquoise
corset embraces your form and I tie off securely. You lower
your arms as I touch the cool silk, letting my fingers
trail over the steel bones and the black lace adorning the
top and bottom edges.

You turn to face me as I carefully remove a sheer black
stocking from its envelope. You place your sweet little
foot on my knee and I wrap the stocking around your toes.
Very gently I guide the stocking up your calf, over your
knee, and high up on your creamy thigh, inhaling your
perfume as I go. I fasten the stocking securely with the
front garter of the corset. We switch legs and repeat. You
turn once again and I fasten the back garters to the
stockings. You slip into black patent leather high heel
shoes that make your legs even longer. You entrance me with
the curves of your legs as you walk away, your pale skin
under the sheer hose. The graceful curve of your hips and
the sway of your ass, the light glowing on your soft
shoulders and neck stirs me.

You return with the dress and step into it. You slip your
arms into the sleeves and I zip up the back of the black
sheath. The soft fabric skims your curves nicely, but not
too tightly, with it’s high neck, long sleeves, and slim
slit back skirt. You hand me two lengths of turquoise satin
ribbon. I tie the shorter ribbon in a bow around your left
wrist and kiss the palm of your hand. I wrap the longer
ribbon around your tender vulnerable throat, over the black
dress, and tie it into a bow at the back of your neck wit
the long tails streaming down your back to your waist. I
kiss your ear.

I am caught in your spell as you walk past me, standing in
the trail of your perfume and the ribbons floating out
behind you. You are gorgeous. You are a study in
contrasts. Turquoise on black. Gold hair, blue eyes against
ivory skin. Clean black lines over gentle curves. The soft
dress over the stiff corset. Creamy skin against black,
under black sheer hose. Vulnerable and fragile, cool and
sophisticated, wearing your sweet submission so

I love you. You saturate my senses. You penetrate my pores.
I want to show you to the world so the world will be
happier at having seen you. I want to surround you with
roses so that roses have something to aspire to. Then I
want to bring you back home, undress you, and delight you.
It’s going to be a long, luscious night. I promise.

It was a long and luscious night, wasn’t it? Andrew

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