Crazy Love
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2005-01-31 10:30:37 (UTC)


From: LordDusky 4/21/2004 8:09 pm
To: TheLadyDusky (19 of 222)

Woa Nelly! Lots of info that you sprung on me Lady!

First off you are giving men way too much credit. Men are
simple creatures and would have been content staring into
your big blue eyes. It wouldn't have crossed their mind to
ask what you had to offer them.

Now - you are NOT an empty box! People like you and not
because you are a pretty package. You are mild and sweet
and laid back. You listen to people and you are nice to
people. Life is full of chatterboxes; you are thoughtful
and considerate and intelligent. Think of the friends you
have and you will see what I mean. You are way stronger
than you realize. You completed your degree in less than 4
years. You are very very smart.

We can add your talents to the box. You are creative - you
paint, draw, sew, knit, know many forms of needlework,
upholster, make your own stationery, and concoct soaps.
You are a whip in the kitchen! You can cook, bake, can, and
know how to serve and set a great table. If you weren't any
good at this stuff, people wouldn't have paid you for cakes
and crafty things. You have great household management
skills - you know how to decorate, clean anything, do
household repairs (you fixed my sink!), handle power tools,
manage a budget, and you are thrifty. You know a lot about
vegetable gardening, and you have a ton of spoiled
houseplants that benefit from your care.

Just because you don't have a 'career' doesn't mean you
have nothing to offer. I haven't ever had the feeling a
career was that important to you. It was important to your
mother. Have you ever thought that she was jealous of your
skills and attractiveness? I have. She has apparently made
fun of your talents and skills for years and I'll bet that
is one reason you never place any value on them yourself.
Did you notice that your mother can do none of these
things? And this is the same woman who told you that no man
would want you because you can't 'do anything' and
you 'aren't sexy'? I almost fell off the porch when I heard
that come out of her! When did she start telling you this
crap, when you were learning to crawl? Doesn't it seen odd
that your 300lb mother sneeres at you and calls you 'the

Bahhhhh! We need to get your mother out of your head. We
must banish her to the highest hills! Print this if you
need to, but go over what I've said and let it sink in a
few days. And if you are up to it, explain the songs you
posted. When were you in New Orleans?