life is odd
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2005-01-31 09:53:43 (UTC)

does life suck that much?

I have come to the conclusion that if someone was born
with the ability to read and understand what they were
reading, and they came to this sight first thing... they
would have a very negative outlook on life.. why is it
that people only write about the bad things in life? is
itbecause they arn't as thankful for the good things, as
they are angry at the bad things.. if you had the best
night of your entire life and came home and found out your
90year old hampster had died (although expectedly dieing)
the chance that you would remember the night as being good
is actually very much lower then the chances you would
remember your hampster dieing

...i just had a cheese string and it was good...

i'm in grade 10 right now and i really hope i passed my
math finals but if i didn't i guess i just take it again
next semester.. no big deal.. i think i'm going to fort
st. john next weekend.. i lived there for 2 years and
although only a few, the freinds i have there are really
good.. i just recently found out my eyes change color
depending on lighting hehe so i can say my eye's are
green now cause they are somtimes but there mostly
brown..i also found out i dont have a six pack anymore
cause i stopped doing gymnastics and working out every
second day cause i work now, but, i try to do crunches at
11:30 when i get home..
i also recently descovered that one of mans most
useful inventions, the remote, is the most harmful.. yes
it is nice to have but!! when you lose it you sit there
for 5 hours trying to find it thus missing your show.. and
i have noticed now that i have family cause my mom is
reengaged, the remote causes many fights, i have learned
to avoid the T.V before 9:00(bedtime for the children) for
fear of my sanity..well i have to wake up in 5 hours so
good night and all that good stuff