limerick oyster
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2005-01-31 08:16:18 (UTC)

damn your pride

Damn your pride steven. you fail to realize that there are
people in this world that actually care-that
wholeheartedly and unselfishly care about anyone and
everyone BUT themselves. You give the word charity a
negative connotation as if all who do care do it only to
feel better about themselves. What do you say to people on
skid row? What do you say to the catholic worker soup
kitchen that feeds them? What do you say about the tens of
thousands of dollars that YOU helped raise for this soup
kitchen during the march for hunger? Have you ever been
there? Have you ever looked into the eyes of an old woman
and known that the the salsa you serve her is the first
and last thing she will be eating this week? Have you ever
seen the gratitude in this woman's son's eyes? Do you
tihnk this brings grief? Steven unlike this woman you take
all that you do have for granted. Dont you dare speak as
if you are one who knows what it is like to have
absolutely NOTHING. You only think charity is selfish
because you know you will live to see tomorrow. If you
ever see what it is like to have less you would think
otherwise. How dare you be so biased against human souls.
They have as much of a rihgt to life as you have.
Hostility brings releif? Tell that to the warring
countries in the middle east and africa. If hostility
brings relief why isnt the world happy? This world has
been hostile since the beginning of time and what releif
has the past brought but lessons for the future? Are the
world war two victims relieved? Hostility and bravery are
two very different things-do not be confused by the
adrenalin rush. It takes bravery to control yourself too,
you know. It takes bravery to fight for what is right,
its takes hostility to fight for destruction of everything
but you. That is more selfish than PITY ever will be.
If this were written by anyone other hten myself i would
understand your response and probably agree with you,
because i know that both of us have a tendency toward
pessimism and searching out the worst in people. But i
know i am one of the many people who really do give a
damn. Why dont you search out your own pride for once
instead of projecting it on others.
(luv ya anyway-call me later hun)

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