These are The Daze of My Life
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2005-01-31 08:04:57 (UTC)

'Til Death Do Us Part

Okie I am a woman of my Powers, Dreams & Aspirations.
My imagination is the greatest thus far.

My Inspiration:

Reminds Me of Myself:
*Jessica Simpson

My Men:
*Nick Lachey
*Jason Behr
*LL Cool J

Divas that I adore:
*Alicia Keys
*Halle Berry

Speak TOO Much, Woman I LOVE:
*Wendy Williams
*Brini Maxwell

Talented Without a Doubt:

Complete Losers:
*Ashlee Simpson (Vocal Malfunction my BUT!)
*Kelly Clarkson (American Idiot)
*Britney Spears (TOTAL Trailer Trash)

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