Lost in Translation

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2005-01-31 06:32:08 (UTC)

Life of Lilah

Life was stale in our family, till she came along.
Her eyes were blue and her body was strong.
And as she lay there in pink… this oblivious little girl.
We gazed at her like nothing else mattered in the world.

When we needed someone to help us find solace… she did.
By way of her cry-- mildly thunderous and splendid.
Sunday morning, we surrendered the feeling of being revived.
And she became the one to make us truly alive.

In our world, that seemed to relentlessly unfurl
Fresh air became breathable, with an exhale and a swirl.
She was beautifully perfect, enough to resemble a pearl.

Thank you Lilah—for filling the hole
Thank you Lilah—you saved our souls