Lost in Translation

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2005-01-31 06:30:20 (UTC)

My Gray Heart

My heart is tinted silver and gray,
Forever searching- an everlasting day.
Like bright light through tiny stained glass,
Like white rain falling through green blades of grass.
Whispering tender breaths across your face,
Searching for answers as I clasp your waist,
Holding you close, my gray heart races,
For I close my eyes and see angelic faces.
Faces, as beautiful as you will always be,
Like the wonderful day that you continually give to me.
Time can stop now and I would cease to mind,
My gray heart beats faster and begins to shine.
As my eyes close to this world you gave,
I look to the sky and see heaven’s rays.
God has taken me; my life is different now,
Looking ahead to the day, when we reunite somehow.
I will never forget--the undying love you gave,
Thank you Mom, my sunshiny heart is no longer gray.


Andrew and Ducky...

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