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2005-01-31 04:51:52 (UTC)

Family and friends

I have lost alot of loved ones in my life.. the first guy
i lost was my grandpappy he raised me like his own at his
funeral i went crazy...see he was in the army so they shot
guns off and everything and when they did i jumped in the
caffin with him my mom had to pull me out of
this day i still miss him so very much...and its been 7 or
8 years....the other person i miss is my sister paula...I
loster in 2002 she was older than me but we did alot
together i actually come from a big family 4sisters
1brother we all took it bad when we found out she died...
its hard cuz she left behind 2 great kids a boy and girl
and their the world to this family...I would do anything
to have my sister back in our family again..and since Jan.
of 2004 i have lost 4 friends in car crashes...3 of them
were on the same road and the other one he was leaving his
gf's house...So all you young new drivers reading this
please use your car safely cause if u dont something bad
could happen to you just like it happened to all 4 of mine
and would do any thing to have all 4 of my friends with me
so we can graduate together but i cant have that...and u
dont want to be in heaven looking down at ur funeral
seeing your mom and family and friends cring on top of u
cuz u were in a car accident now do u? So please be
careful on the roads...


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