Albus Lupusolus
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2005-01-31 04:29:54 (UTC)

i help but who helps me

all i do is help people that is just what i do. but just
because i help people it doesn't mean that i do not need
any help myself. people see me and they see a very grounded
person that just may seem to be doing okay but instead i am
a grounded person in which everything is going wrong. i
found out that soccer try-outs already happened last week.
so my one stress reliever is gone and all i have to say is
watch out world because when my anger does go lose i will
gerantee that people will by dieing around me (most likely
just metaphorically but who knows) and it wont be pritty.
my family is falling apart and it is mainly for a stupid
reason because we are poor as HELL and i mean enough to
live of but not enough to be out of dept just to pay the
fucking rent. and that should never be reason for a family
to start to show simtoms of breaking apart. especially
since compared to how we were before we can actually be
considered a family instead of a dad and his family. he
wasn't important or anything and he wasn't hurting any of
us he just wasn't there and now he is. but im not sure that
mom and dad will be here in a decade and that really sucks.
not to mention my left ball has been hurting for no reason
at all (what the heck since im already telling a whole
bunch why not go all the way. but the thing that really
hurts is that she hasn't called me today i mean TODAY. i
miss her. well whoever is reading this I'M GEORGE SICK!!!.
and i cant spell beat that. oh yeah i mainly blame her for
all my trouble in the ooutside knowing as a fact that it is
really my fault for all the trouble that im going through.
but that doesnt change the fact that im goerge sick.

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