2005-01-31 04:16:45 (UTC)


Well, guess what Sean and i did this weekend. We made
Smoothies!! teehee! He worked from 1-9 on Saturday so we
didn't really get much time to hang out. After he got off
we got all kinds of fruits and stuff and went to his house
and tried blending it all together. Uh, were they good?
Lets just say they weren't like the ones at the mall but
hey, i like almost anything that is made of pure fruit so
it didn't really matter. It was pretty funny, cuz when we
went to get the fruit and stuff at jewel, i dropped this
big thing of V8 juice on the floor and it spilled all over
the place! OMG i felt so embaressed. I did the same thing
the day before at George's only with Cheese Fries. Don't
ask how cuz i don't even know how i managed to do it. So
yeah, this weekend i was being pretty ditzy. Wait, not
just this weekend, it's more like every single day. But oh
well. Then today was pretty boring. I got to sleep in
which was pretty awesome cuz i NEVER get to sleep in, but
i had to go to my Grandpas house. Sure i love my grandpa
to death, but omg there is NOTHING to do at his house!!!
We sat there for 3 hours watching tv while my mom and my
grandpa and his wife, Wilma, talked in the Kitchen. And
then by the time I got home, it was too late to go
anywhere or do anything. Oh was i pissed. Sure you'd be
pissed if you work 5 out of 7 days in the week and barely
get any time to do anything. Next weekend I'm gonna hafta
work even longer AND they might want me to work on Sunday.
When they told me that i was just like omfg you gotta be
kidding me! So yeah, this sucks!
Well, i'm gonna go. later!