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2005-01-31 03:37:19 (UTC)

Still thinking about Bill

Well, I know it's only been a day, but I still can't stop
thinking about him; Bill, I mean. I want to talk to him,
see him (yes, even kiss him) so bad! I can't possibly wait
until tomorrow!!! What is happening to me?! I feel like I'm
a teenager in high school all over again! I haven't had
feelings like this in so long. That nervous, anxious,
butterflies in the stomach feeling. I usually wear scrubs
to school, because I come straight from work. But tomorrow,
I'm going to change before class. Just jeans and a t-shirt,
but still, I'll look good compared to scrubs!:)

Anyway, I hope we have the same connection tomorrow as we
have had the past four weeks. I don't want anything to
change...unless it's for the better:)

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