2005-01-31 03:14:02 (UTC)

12 - T'was so nice!

I don't really remember where I left off so I'm sorry if
some of this repeats itself.

It's Jan 30 (I dont know if this diary dates itself or not -
I should look into that) I worked 9a-6p today. We had a
meeting at 9:00 that lasted an hour and then we spent an
hour getting the store ready with new tags for our ad this
week. It's still nice having that time with the associates
when we aren't actually working. I'm sure that will get
old just as it did in Kokomo.. Right now, though, I love
having that time. It was Chrissy and I in the copy
center. I didn't get a lot of time with her in the
beginning, though, because she got stuck over in customer
service, then I went to lunch, then she went to lunch and I
finally had the rest of the day with her. We worked on an
order together and had a REALLY good time. We laughed like
we were friends - it WOULD be cool to gain a friendship
with her. She seems great. Very sports oriented, though -
I'm going to have to work on that. Baseball is
next........I think. Anyhoot..

Michelle came in to town yesterday!!! Unfortunately, she
got a late start but we still had a wonderful visit. She
got in at about 430 and I picked her up at Staples. We
went inside so she could check out the store (she's
jealous, haha) and then we went to Bakers Square for dinner
and had pie. We went to the new candy store and bought
suckers. That place was SO amazing. I will definitely
make another trip. Then we went to the mall and walked
around. I got to see Diane, my old manager... and Jess, a
co-worker turned friend that I haven't talked to in
awhile. We had a good time just walking and talking,
enjoying each others company. We left there and went to
the tournament my dad was in. He lost early (besides the
fact that it was dead) so we left, ran my Dunkin Donuts and
then came home. I busted out some old pictures, we laid in
bed and talked and then I crashed. We got up this morning,
I took her to her car, she left and I went in to work. It
was too short of a visit but we definitely made the best of

I had written Michelle a letter awhile back (I think I had
mentioned that) and I finally printed it out and gave it to
her. It was quite emotional and I actually came out to her
in it. She called me at work when she got back in to
Kokomo and was laughing at me. She told me that straight
people don't just hang out at the Millenium nor do they
have rainbow triangles hanging from their car mirror! :P
She's known for awhile now but said that she was waiting
for me to say something when I was comfortable. Hopefully
things don't change between us - But,I am so much more
relieved now that she knows. I guess I was hoping for more
of a response to the rest of letter too, though. I
shouldn't be picky but I really opened up a lot in that
letter and said things I wouldn't normally say. I know we
didn't really have time to talk about it so hopefully we
will soon. The girl needs to get a phone in that house so
that she can have her internet back!

I got to talk to my Snookies yesterday morning. Poor
girl! ;) How she and I find ourselves in such jacked up
situations, I'll never know. I wish I could be there for
her... I'm so useless down here.

I haven't heard from Amy nor have I made any attempt to
contact her. I'm really proud of myself about this.

I have heard from Shannon, though. I had emailed her awhile
back to let her know that I was moving back in to the area
and would like to meet her for dinner sometime. She
emailed back and said that she had a dentist appt on Monday
(tomorrow) and that she would like to try and do lunch. I
got back to her and told her that I would let her know as
soon as I knew my schedule for that week. I emailed her
the same day I got it but she replied back with a really
mean response. Something along the lines of hoping that
I'd have thought to get back to her sooner, that she
postponed plans with someone else because she was waiting
on me.... she was so mad, kinda mean.. I felt horrible but
I really did do just as I said I would. What confuses me,
though, is that she replied to the email that SAID that I
had to work Monday.. and her response was that she was
hoping I'd know my schedule by now?!?! I can't keep up
with her. I'd really like to see her, though.

Well, I'm closing this chapter for tonight. I've got a
horrible headache so I'm going to lay down. I need to
email myself and remind myself to call the Dr tomorrow.
I've been having a few problems lately that are really
scaring me. I'm not easily scared about my health but I
don't like what's been going on. No one else seems to
notice or care when I tell them (dad) so I guess it's
probably nothing major. *shrugs* We'll see.. But, fuck,
it hurts. And these damn spots I'm seein better go the
fuck away - they're pissin me off......and I can't seem to
catch 'em! ;)

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