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2005-01-31 03:03:18 (UTC)

Story time

OK, so now I'm quite frustrated. I had written up this
whole long journal entry, and I wasn't even finished yet,
and somehow I deleted the whole thing. I swear my computer
hates me. I was already supposed to be doing something
else instead of updating, so let me go finish that and
then I'll come back and try to recreate the masterpiece
that was my entry. :(

Ok, the following will be an entirely too long and
detailed analysis of my little adventure last night at
work. It is entirely for my own benefit, so that I will
remember every last detail in case the need ever arises.
Feel free to not read it if every little detail does not
interest you. :)

So last night at work was really slow, which is not
unusual in the winter, but it was particularly slow
because of the weather. Most people don't relish the
thought of driving around in freezing rain. Anyway, there
isn't a whole lot to do at work, since no one is there. I
was closing with Philip, who is my favorite manager, and
whom I have a relationship with that consists solely of
teasing, arguing, and insulting/making fun of each other.
There were 5 or 6 other girls (excuse me, women) closing
last night also, and Philip was getting rather frustrated
with them because they kept "socializing", although I
sympathize with them because there definitely wasn't
anything else to do. Philip got the bright idea that he
wanted to reorganize the top-stock merchandise so that it
was neater, and also top-stock a motherload of chairs that
we had just gotten a shipment of. So naturally he calls me
to help him, not only because I work in that section and
so does he, but also because he calls me "muscles" and
didn't think anyone else there was capable of doing the
job. Philip and I top-stocked chairs for almost two hours,
and I must say I rather thought we were bonding, since we
worked together companionably with only the occasional
insult but frequent laughs and smiles and, well,
companionable-ness. So 9:30 rolls around, closing time,
and Philip and I had just top-stocked the last chair. He
had even gone back to making fun of me, because I had
aksed if I could call my daddy to make sure it was okay to
drive home in the freezing rain, and Philip replied "yes
you can call your daddy" in a voice that one usually
reserves for speaking to young'ns, because according to
Philip children over 9 do not refer to their fathers
as "daddy." But that is neither here nor there. (I think
I've been reading too many historical romance novels, that
it where that phrase came from.) Usually, when we close,
the manager expects us to make a last sweep of the store
to make sure everything is clean, including vacuuming if
necessary. However, most people disregard this and just
gather around the clock-in/out computer and talk. Philip
is a stickler for cleaning up after closing time, and not
having "social hour" as he calls it. So not wanting to
disappoint Philip, I stayed on my side and cleaned. (well,
it was not so much cleaning as looking at the artwork, but
still, I wasn't socializing.) Time rolls along, and I look
at my watch and realize it's 9:45, at which point the
manager and the lead cashier are usually finished counting
the cash register drawers, if its been a slow night like
last night. I also realize it's decidedly quiet in the
store, considering the other girls had been pretty chatty
all night. I head over to the other side of the store,
thinking maybe everyone else is chilling in the massage
chairs, which I personally think are painful. But nope,
that side of the store is eerily quiet also. My next
thought is that everyone decided to screw the fact that
Philip will yell at them and go congregate in the break
room until its time to leave. I head back to the break
room and open to door... and it's pitch black. Ok, whats
going on here? Honestly, my first thought was that Philip
was playing a joke on me, and I wouldn't put it past him.
But that wasn't it...

Ahhh I just realized that I have 1883 words on my TOK
paper and it's only supposed to be 1200-1600... so I'm
going to go fix that. I also need to get to bed. I know
it's a cliffhanger, but I'll finish it when I get home
from school tomorrow, promise.

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