a thousand clever lines written on a tho
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2005-01-31 02:44:39 (UTC)


i'm gonna do what i want to to who i want to
talk friends w/ my friends....and i hope
everybody understands that....i know some of my friends
aren't friends w/ some of my other friends and i undertand
that, i won't bring any of their business into eachothers
lives, I'll be sure of it..but i DONT want my friends to
stop being friends w/ me cuz i'm friends with
another..really...i will NOT accept that...if they can't
accept who im friends w/ then how can I accept their
friendship? i'm telling you all now, this is what i'm
goin gto do...and Im also telling you , you don't have to
worry about dealing with other peoples problems but
ours......and if you still don't want to be friends after
this..then i guess you never were a friend.. p'ce