Daily Journal
2005-01-31 01:46:54 (UTC)

January 30th- I need someone to talk to...

I really wish you were online're really the only
person who could make me feel any better at the moment.
And i dont feel like talking to anyone else about this,
and i need to do something, so im writing it here. I hate
my mother. Shes never happy about anything and shes
always yelling. Yelling at me, my sis, my dad. Nothing
is ever good enough for her. I get really upset about it,
but i try to ignore it. Now tonight my mom went off at my
dad about nothing and everything. He didnt do a single
thing wrong. They got in this huge fight. My sister is
histerical and my dad took off because he couldnt deal
with her. I've locked myself in my room and im sitting
here crying now and i want someone to talk to...I just...i
cant deal with this. I'm so sick of everything. I just
wish i could talk to you...well, ill be ok. Dont worry
about me, im just upset.