Daily Journal
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2005-01-31 00:22:12 (UTC)

January 30th

Well I just got back from my Grandparent's house. My
weekend has been so boring. Spending the night with Becca
Friday night was fun, but I was so overtired so it really
wasnt that great. Then there is nothing to do at my
Grandparents house so I mostly did homework. Then I was
sick a bunch of the weekend because I'm on my period and I
got awful cramps. I take a ton of Motrin, but I still get
like physically ill the first day or two of my period and
I've talked to my doctor about it and she won't do
anything. So I guess this is just a monthly thing. Well
at least it wasnt during school. So anyway, the weekend
pretty much sucked. I would have rather been here to talk
to you. Oh and then I was supposed to go out with Alyssa
tonight when I got back and now I cant get ahold of her.
So I guess that isnt happening. *Sighs* I guess overall
I'm just in a pretty bad mood. I guess the only good
thing is that I managed to catch up on some sleep. Which
is especially good since I have to get up extra early
tomorrow morning to go into school. I need to use the
stage in the auditorium to work on my routine and its only
available in the mornings. really thats about
all thats happened. Nothing interesting and not a whole
lot of thoughts. Really all i want right now is to talk
to you, but i have no clue if you'll be on before i have
to go to bed. If not i guess I'll talk to you tomorrow
night. Well I've got to unpack, and finish up the last of
my homework. And then I think maybe I'll watch the
episode of the OC that i taped Thursday night and still
havent gotten a chance to watch. I'll talk to you soon.


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