My Aphrodisiac
2005-01-30 22:44:29 (UTC)

I think I got the "Itis"

After church today we went out to eat at this cool lil'
soul food joint. We were celebrating my homeboy getting
baptized today. And why he wouldn't let us pay for
anything? Well, I mean...that's cool by me. I'm hella
broke! Anyways, I'm hella sleepy. But I know I got hella
shyt to be doin'. So, I need to keep my ass up. You feel
me? But my bed is tryin' to tempt me like a
mothafletcha. I get that from Fred. Oh, so we had sex.
Yea...finally. Was it good? It was cool. You can tell
he's a lightweight amature, but I'm willing to teach. That
way I get it how I want it. Simply said. He was killin'
me though. Nah, but it was so sweet...I asked him if I
didn't come back to TSU would he be sad. He was like hell
yea. Why? You planning on leaving me? I so am not trying
to go back to Cali. Not now at least. I need to finish up
the undergrad here. I know God will make a way though.
That's for sure. I haven't even thought twice about it.
But uh...lemme get to doin' some work. Peace.