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2005-01-30 22:30:32 (UTC)

Good Times

So yesterday I went to work from 11am to 4pm(short shift! :-
D) and then went over to my friend nicole's house...it was
awesome well when i got over there we werent sure what we
were gonna do so i was like lets just go driving around n
stuff...so her, me and her boyfriend(by the way, her and
her boyfriend are having problems...so yea ^_^ that means i
can try and hit her on the rebound...ive liked her for all
the time ive known her) all piled into my car and we
started driving and nicole was like well lets go to the
mall, so i drove down to west county mall and this was like
an hour before they closed, and we just hung out n stuff,
and i saw this really cool stewie belt buckle i wantted so
i lifted it :-D and then we went to wal-mart where we
played tag i was awesome at that game...lol and when all
got yelled at n stuff so we left and went to rent Open
Water which ive already seen and went back to her house and
played some video games and then watched the movie then we
all went to bed...lol thats about it but it was freakin
awesome lol well right more later

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